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Ladies it’s about Quality time.

Howdy Ladies! I'm sorry I'm not perfect. I know I'm fat -& my teeth ain't straight. I can't see to good without my glasses. I talk softly & don't listen too good. Since my 3rd divorce is final I realized that all I had been doing for the last 9 yrs. Was work eat & sleep. I forgot how to have fun. I know & got used to doing things with a partner & it hurts when you feel all alone like you are suffering & it seems so unfair. So let's do something about it.NOW!! Loneliness is such a drag. We can learn how to have fun & as a bonus you can teach me what your idea of fun is.I am vaccinated from Covid-19.


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Logan County, Illinois, United States

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    Ladies it’s about Quality time. 0 reviews

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