Introduction of our service ?

Every traveler needs a safe and economical travel trip. We at Culture Konnection can help you connect with the right people through our verified data base, the companies and individuals listed on our data base are legally verified by us, so you can get safe and secure services from them..

Culture Konnection is a online marketplace that connects travelers to all there specific needs. We have a full range of travel and tourism, including accommodations, guides, rented cars, domestic help etc. Also everything needed when you are travelling . We charge a small fee to access our verified data base list of people and companies, where you can contact them and get benefited from them.

How it works ?

Once you fill outl the requirment form, we will send you a payment link and you can pay us.
After the payment is made, we will connect you directly to the verified users and businesses and you can contact them directly via WhatsApp, email, social media or by their website and schedule and confirm your appointment.

The link that we will send you will be active during your requested time. In the link there will be multiple people and businesses that you can pick from. These people and businesses are verified, so you will be safe and secure and not be overly charged or scammed. After selecting a person or Business, please inform us with your choice for our records.

Note : Prices are mentioned next to each category to access date base respectively

Please fill the form so that we know what kind of services you are looking for :

Important Note :

When doing business with the associates and businesses,You must treat the person or business with respect and kindness. You must pay them the agreed amount at the date and time agreed. If you’re happy with the services or business, you can leave your review as well as a tip. If your not happy with the services or business, you can live a review or reschedule and make an appointment with another person or a business.