How can i post ads?

Register to culturekonnection, go to the category and location where you are targeting, then fill out your information.

How to make my account verified?

They are two methods of verification. If you would like to be verified as person, You will have to pay a fee of 5 $, email culturekonnection a screenshot picture of a valid photo identification card. This can be a passport, drivers license, or government identification card. And send us a the name of your social media page, it could be face book, Instagram, twitter, etc If you would like to verify as a business or company, You would have to pay a fee of 15.00 $, email culturekonnection a screen shot photo of your identification card, passport driver’s license, or government card, and email us the name of your company or businesses, with your website address and social media page.

Why is having a verified account important?

By verifying your account, this shows that your account is owned and operated by a specified real individual or organization, and creates a more safe environment for users. Users will be less likely to try to take advantage of each other when having a verified account. Being verified shows users that your account is also legitimate.

Will other users be able to view my personal information such as identification card and photo when my account is verified?
No this is private information.

Can i post and ad with out having a verified account.?
Sure you will be able to post ads.

How long will my ads be visible to the public?
You ads will be visible and public until you decide to remove your ads, or cancel your account, or your ads expires.

How to keep my ads visible to users and remain on culturekonnection first page?

You must purchased ad time to keep your add relevant. Ad time will cost a fee of 5.00 usd Your ad will remain on culturekonnection first page for 72 hours.

How can i pay culturekonnection for ad time and making my account verified ?

You can use PayPal, transfer wise, zelle, cash app, venmo, Google pay, Facebook pay, or by credit debit and credit card.

Who are sponsors and investors?

Sponsors and investors are people or businesses that can provide funding for your business or product. Sponsors may provide you with free product, merchandise and resources, were as investors will provide you with money and resources.

How to become a sponsor or and investor?

Any user of culturekonnection can be a sponsor or investor, but real sponsors and investors should have their account verified.

How can attain sponsorships and investors?

You must contact sponsors and investors and pitch your idea and ask for sponsorship and funding.

Is it safe to buy and sell on culturekonnection all users ?

But it will be extremely safe if you buy and sell from verified users.

How can i earn money for creating a culture konnection profile?

1.Register to culturekonnection. Go to the romance and dating, marriage and relationships or ,friends and more categories. Post your ad including photos contact information and social media pages. Information must be accurate and correct. You must not create a fake social media page, or give incorrect information. For proof of identity, you must first email a photo or screenshot of your identification card, pass port, government card etc.

  1. follow culturekonnection page on Instagram or, Facebook. 3. Follow taleatellbets page on Instagram or Facebook. This website is and affiliate of culturekonnection.
  2. After these steps are completed. Culturekonnection will send you 1.25 usd to your paypal account, transferwise, Facebook pay or google pay, cash app, venmo

Can i make money for recruiting people to register to culturekonnection?

Yes you can earn 50 cent usd each time that you have a new user register to culturekonnection. First you must have them follow the same steps that you followed, and then email the user name that you recruited. the new user will earn 1.00 usd , and you will earn 50 cents for having them register

How can i earn money for creating a video and posting it on culturekonnection? 1.Create a video of your self introducing who you are, and the reason that you’re joining culturekonnection. For example if you’re a women looking for a serious relationship. You would create a short YouTube video of your self explaining who you are, what you’re about, and what you’re seeking for in a relationship. At the beginning  of the video or at  the end of the video, you must mention that if users would like to know more about you  or would  like to get in contact with you, they must go to You must only put the details  After the video is completed, you can  put the link at the bottom of the  you tube video to the culturekonnection site, but not your contact information.  culturekonnection will pay you 1.50 usd.for creating this video and posting in your profile page.

You can make 1,25 for your  video, and 1.50 for creating a profile. 

Is there a limited amount of users that i am able to recruit?

No, there is no limit. The pay to recruit program will expire on September 1 2021.

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