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I want someone I can sing like an idiot

Ideally, my significant other would be someone who makes our time together enjoyable whatever that may entail. Whether it’s watching a football game in jerseys on Sunday, or dressing up for a night on the town (even if it’s for no reason whatsoever), he’s comfortable in any setting. He’ll be athletic, in some capacity, or at the very least be someone who enjoys watching sports and just doesn’t have the physical coordination or desire to play them herself.

I want someone I can sing like an idiot with on road trips and someone I can slow dance in the kitchen or living room with. All of this stuff is great, but the foundation has to be there. He has to be honest with me and I have to be able to be honest with him; He has to be able to trust me with his darkest secrets and deepest fears, as I do him; He should be a seemingly effortless addition to my social circle and family. I’m a really simple lady, and the ‘little things’ are huge with me.

The biggest deal-breaker is that he has to want kids and marriage at some point.”


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    I want someone I can sing like an idiot 0 reviews

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