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Vibrators are a wonderful way to explore pleasure, no matter your gender. Some vibes below are designed for external stimulation while others for internal, and any can be used alone or with partners.

Penis Toys

Most toys can be used on the penis, but these products are specifically made for them. Some stimulate the whole shaft while others focus on specific parts, and they can all be used solo or with partners.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are products designed to safely be inserted anally by folks of any gender. They come in many styles, with various features such as vibration, movement, and prostate stimulation.


Lubricant is an excellent way to improve pleasure while cutting back on unwanted friction. It can be used for various sex acts and comes in a variety of styles and consistencies for you to explore. Some types of lube work best for certain sex acts, materials of toys, and even safer sex supplies.



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