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Cuddle companion available

my name is Annalise and I'm here to offer you my cuddling services...

In today's world, so much interaction is done from behind a screen. Its pretty rare nowadays to expect to get a hug, a pat on the back, or a high five. With the advent of self-checkout, you can't even hope to accidently brush fingertips with the cashier at the grocery store!

So much "efficiency" gained but is the trade off really worth it? Hey, why are you asking me these difficult questions, I'm just a girl offering her cuddling services to you. I'm no rocket surgeon.


1/2 hour cuddle $100
1 hour cuddle $175
2 hour cuddle $220

For this price, I will come to your home and cuddle with you for the duration of the appointment. This can include (but not necessarily), light running of the fingers along shoulder or belly, or light running fingers through hair along the scalp, possibly other movements on request. I can listen to you talk, we can have a discussion, or we can just remain quiet for all or some of the time.

I don't smoke and I won't wear perfume or scented lotions. I will be freshly showered and I request you do the same.

I do not offer services beyond what is listed in this ad. Please don't ask.

Text 702-204-6789


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