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Teach English Online To Adults Or Kids

**Why English Today USA?**

* Flexibility: You can choose when you want to teach and how many hours you want to teach each week (1-40). You can also teach from anywhere in the world that has a strong internet connection.
*Freedom in the Classroom: You can teach the classes in whatever way you think would be best, as long as the students are happy and feel like they are getting what they want out of it. We will provide ideas and strategies that may help, but you are not required to follow them.
*Fame: You will be allowed to create instructional videos that, upon approval from the company, will be posted on our Instagram's page or story. Our account has grown to more than 125,000 followers in 4.5 months. If you'd like, we can tag your account to help you grow your following. This is completely optional.
*Friendships: Build friendships with students from around the Middle East and North Africa.

**The Students**

*Basically all of your students would be native Arabic speakers from the Middle East and North Africa.
*All ages are welcome, but the majority of students are 18-30 years old. If you prefer not to teach a certain age group, we can accommodate that.
*Your students could range from A2-C1 (elementary to Advanced).
*If you speak Arabic, you can also teach beginners.
*Needs: You would message the student before the first class to find out their goals and what areas they want you to help them with (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocab, pronunciation, IELTS/TOEFL prep [if you are familiar with these tests], etc.).
*Number of students: Most of the classes are 1 on 1, but you can choose to offer classes with 2-4 students, which will result in a higher hourly rate.

*Most students find English Today USA through our Instagram ( which has more than 125,000 followers and is growing by 1000-2000 followers a day.

**Ideal Qualifications (Ranked)**

1. Master's degree in TESOL
2. Master's degree in TESOL in progress or CELTA Pass A
3. Bachelor's degree in TESOL or CELTA Pass B
4. CELTA or a master's in education/teaching
5. TESOL certificate or teaching experience
**Applicants must be native speakers of English or have scored an 8.5-9 on the IELTS.


*Starting rate: $14.50 per class hour
*For classes with 2 students (if the teacher has done well with 1-on-1 classes) or 1-on-1 specialty classes (IELTS/TOEFL prep, Business English, Medical English, etc.): $15.50 per class hour
*For classes with 3-4 students (if the teacher has done well with 1-on-2 classes) or 1-on-2 specialty classes: $16.50 per class hour
*For specialty classes with 3-4 students: $17.50 per class hour
*Teachers may only teach group classes (2-4 students) if they show they have an adequate plan to make the classes beneficial for each student
*Teachers may only teach specialty courses if they show they are sufficiently qualified


*Teachers join as independent contractors, as is the case for most other online English companies. This gives the teacher greater freedom and flexibility (you can teach however and whenever you and the student think is best), yet also means you will be responsible for the self-employment tax. Once a student pays, we connect him/her with the teacher (typically through WhatsApp) so the teacher can discuss the student's goals, what he/she wants to focus on in class, how many classes the student wants per week, and when he/she is available. The teacher then teaches 40-minute classes through Zoom (or any other video-conferencing program). There is no set curriculum (though we have an outline you can choose to follow), so the teacher comes up with a customized plan to help the student meet his/her goals. We have a number of resources and activities that we send to the teachers, and we are available for any questions and guidance. Basically, if the students are happy and feels like they're learning what they want to learn, that's a success.


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