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Taleatell will fund your small business.

Taleatell will invest money into you to help you start your small business or project.  To qualify you must not be a registered business or corporation.  You must only be and individual person. Depending on the potential that your business haves, will determine how much money you will recieve. If taleatell chose  to invest in your business or project, weekely you must pay back a percentage until your debt is paid.  If you're not able to pay us back, late fees my apply. If you choose never to pay back the investment, this may affect your future borrowing and doing business with us. How to start? Register and create a profile on upload a photo of your self,  explain the type of business that you would like to start, including  a link of a brief  youtube video . Explain what the money will be  use for, how much the business  will profit daily, and  how much that you need to start.  You must be realistic. If your accepted, you will be then asked to email a photo of a valid id,  as well as have  3 family members or people that you know email us their photo id investments can start from 50 usd - 1000 usd depending on how profitable it is. For more information email

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