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Culturekonnection will pay you to create and account and recruit others.

How you can i earn  money for creating a culture konnection profile?  1.Register to culturekonnection. Go to the romance and dating, marriage and relationships or ,friends and more categories. Post your listing including photos contact information  and social media pages. Information must be accurate and correct. You must not create  a  fake social media page, or give  incorrect information. For proof of identity,  you must first email a photo or screenshot of your identification  card, pass port, government card etc 2. follow culturekonnection page on Instagram or, Facebook. 2. Follow taleatellbets page on Instagram or Facebook. This website is and affiliate of culturekonnection  3. After these stepa are completed. Culturekonnection will send you 1.25 usd to your paypal account, transferwise, Facebook pay or google pay, cash app, venmo. How to make money for recruiting people to register to culturekonnection? Yes you can earn 50 cent usd each time  that you  have a  new user register to culturekonnection. First  you must have them follow the same steps that you followed. The new user will earn 1.00 usd , and you will earn 50 cents for haveing them register


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Culturekonnection will pay you to create and account and recruit others. 0 reviews

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